每日英語跟讀 Ep.896: 特斯拉市值超越豐田、埃克森美孚

每日英語跟讀 Ep.896: 特斯拉市值超越豐田、埃克森美孚

July 15, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.896: Tesla overtakes Toyota and Exxon’s market value in symbolic shifts

Last Wednesday, Tesla Inc. displaced Toyota Motor Corp. as the world’s most valuable automaker, underscoring investor enthusiasm for a company trying to transform an industry that has relied on internal combustion engines for more than 130 years.


Tesla Inc.’s market value also surpassed Exxon Mobil Corp.’s last Tuesday in a sign that investors are increasingly betting on a global energy transition away from fossil fuels.


Exxon is the world’s second biggest energy company after Saudi state-controlled oil giant Aramco went public late last year.


Shares of Tesla, which have more than doubled since the start of the year, climbed as much as 3.5 percent in intraday trading last Wednesday, giving it a market capitalization of US$207.2 billion, surpassing Toyota’s US$201.9 billion.


Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has ignored or broken many of the established auto industry’s rules and norms in the 10 years since he took Tesla public, selling cars online and assembling vehicles in high-cost California. But while his company’s value has soared, there remains a gulf in the scale of his company and the world’s biggest car manufacturers.


Tesla produced 103,000 vehicles in the first quarter, or about 4 percent of the almost 2.4 million made by Toyota, which built its brand on affordability and reliability backed by innovations in large-scale manufacturing.


Tesla became the world’s second most valuable automaker in January, when it surpassed Volkswagen AG. It is now worth more than twice the German giant.


After pioneering gas-electric vehicles with the Prius hybrid, Toyota was late to shift to fully electric autos and has wagered heavily on hydrogen fuel cells. The company is now making a series of high-profile investments in electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars. The manufacturer has forecast an 80 percent plunge in profit this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and expects it could take until the first half of next year before the auto market recovers to pre-pandemic levels.


The market for electric vehicles is forecast to increase to 10 percent of global passenger vehicle sales by 2025, 28 percent in 2030 and 58 percent by 2040, according to a May 19 report by BloombergNEF.


Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2020/07/07/2003739463



每日英語跟讀 Ep.895: 台灣拉麵披薩珍奶披薩吸睛

每日英語跟讀 Ep.895: 台灣拉麵披薩珍奶披薩吸睛

July 14, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.895: Taiwan’s culinary innovations cause a stir in the world of pizza

Forget your pepperoni or other pizza toppings: Pizza Hut Taiwan has teamed up with Menya Musashi, a popular Japanese ramen restaurant chain, to serve up the world’s first ramen pizza, and it has attracted global interest after a CNN report about the new mashup was published on the front-page of its Japanese version.


The new pizza has the toppings of a Japanese-style barbecue pork ramen — complete with thick noodles, barbecue pork slices, fresh chilies and white sesame, as well as a half-boiled egg sitting in the middle. It is also garnished with green onions and bamboo shoots on the side.


Pizza Hut Taiwan told CNN that its creative pizzas are just a way to introduce some fun into the customer experience. “Taiwanese consumers live a high-pressure life with long working hours and a high cost of living. The food scene has become an exciting and creative escape,” said Lily Chou, the company’s marketing director, adding that it is definitely the first ramen to be served as a slice.


The Taiwanese are known for their creativity in making special food and drinks: some of their previous mashups have included matcha green tea pizza, durian pizza, stinky tofu pizza, and even bubble tea pizza. Also known as “boba tea” or “pearl milk tea,” the famous tea of Taiwanese origin mixed with milk and small tapioca balls has become a global sensation in recent years. Domino’s Taiwan even caused a pizza war by launching its “bubble tea pizza” late last year.


“It might be the ultimate meeting of eastern and western cuisine — Taiwan’s famous bubble tea as a topping on a Domino’s pizza,” CNN reported. Domino’s Taiwan originally planned to offer the dessert pizza covered in brown sugar pearls, cheese and honey for a month, but the popularity of the bubble tea pizza secured its spot on the regular menu, and rivals have been trying to join this trend. “In Taiwan everyone loves the texture ‘Q,’ which means chewy or bouncy in the way boba is, and this pizza was indeed very ‘Q,’” Lev Nachman, a US PhD candidate conducting research in Taiwan, told CNN.



Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2020/07/06/2003739406



每日英語跟讀 Ep.894: About Japan - 日本棒球賽跳舞機器人取代球迷與發電消毒衣

每日英語跟讀 Ep.894: About Japan - 日本棒球賽跳舞機器人取代球迷與發電消毒衣

July 13, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.894: About Japan - Dancing robots replace fans at Japanese baseball game

With their stadium devoid of fans due to coronavirus restrictions, Japanese baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks have come up with an imaginative replacement:dancing robots.


Before their most recent Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) game against Rakuten Eagles on Tuesday, over 20 robots danced to the team’s fight song on a podium in the otherwise empty stand.


Two different robots, including SoftBank’s humaniod robot ’Pepper’ and others on four legs like a dog, stamped and shimmied in a choreographed dance that is usually performed by the Hawks’ fans before games in the 40,000 capacity Fukuoka Dome.


Some of the robots wore Hawks caps and waved flags supporting the team.


Boosted by the supportive robots, the Hawks won 4-3 as they look to defend their 2019 NPB title.


Next Article:

Shocker! Japan firms’ electrifying fabric zaps bacteria 電一下!日本公司的發電織物消滅細菌

It’s a shocking idea:a fabric that can produce small amounts of electricity powered by movement, allowing your clothing to zap microbes and bacteria as you go about your day.


A pair of Japanese firms say that’s exactly what their new product can do, and are touting it for everything from curbing body odour to offering the ideal material for protective gear like face masks.


The fabric jointly developed by electronics company Murata Manufacturing and Teijin Frontier, dubbed PIECLEX, generates power from the expansion and contraction of the material itself, including when worn by someone moving around.


The low voltages aren’t strong enough to be felt by the wearer, but they effectively stop bacteria and viruses from multiplying inside the fabric, the companies said.


Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1384984 ; https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1385624



文法跟讀 In-Tense Ep.053: Adjectives 形容詞

文法跟讀 In-Tense Ep.053: Adjectives 形容詞

July 12, 2020

Welcome to 15mins.today the home of English Shadowing. I'm your host Gavin, and this is InTense Episode 53. Well guys we finished with pronouns. Now nouns and their undercover noun partners, pronouns are things, and so we use them to talk about everything in every sentence you have to have basically a noun. Now it would be awesome if it was as simple as that, but of course now we have to talk about the words that describe these nouns and pronouns and those are called adjectives. So, these are words that compliment a noun or a pronoun, so when we talk about the man, but we can say more about him “The man is strong.” That strong describes the man, the dog “The filthy dog.” filthy describes what the dog looks like, or “Thebeautiful dog. Now of course if we change the dog to it you could say, “It is beautiful.”, same as “The dog is beautiful.” So, pronouns and nouns, when they get described by other words those are called adjectives and they do certain jobs, they tell us the following things like:

Drill Sentences:

Is Jane a beautiful woman? Yes, Jane is a beautiful woman.

Is Jane a beautiful woman? No, Jane is not a beautiful woman.


Is John a handsome man? Yes, John is a handsome man.

Is John a handsome man? No, John is not a handsome man.


Is the car expensive? Yes, it is expensive.

Is the car expensive? No, it is not expensive.


Is the kitten cute? Yes, the kitten is cute.

Is the kitten cute? No, the kitten is not cute.


Is Angela efficient? Yes, she is efficient.

Is Angela efficient? No, she is not efficient.


Is Peter rich? Yes, he is rich.

Is Peter rich? No, he is not rich.


Did Andrew and Robert buy six books? Yes, they bought six books.

Did Andrew and Robert buy six books? No, they did not buy six books.


Do you eat much sugar? Yes, I eat much sugar.

Do you eat much sugar? No, I do not eat much sugar.


Will Ethan buy a gold ring? Yes, he will buy a gold ring.

Will Ethan buy a gold ring? No, he will not buy a gold ring.


Did, Lucy eat those chocolates? Yes, she ate those chocolates.

Did Lucy eat those chocolates? No, she did not eat those chocolates.


Well, there you go guys, a quick introduction into adjectives, and our first kind which are common adjectives. Now, if you paid attention or noticed in the first few questions I made a small error, when I did the answers, I did not change the nouns to pronouns, I did not change the names of the people to he, she, it. But I caught myself after a couple of questions and I corrected that, so I hope that helps out. Again, I would stress, as long as you know it is an adjective you're dealing with, you don't really need to stress about what kind of adjective, just as long as you can recognize them. Great, I hope this is helpful and I'll catch you in the next episode, bye, bye!



精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.063: Junk food messing with your brain and squatting is good for you 垃圾食物與你的蹲姿

精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.063: Junk food messing with your brain and squatting is good for you 垃圾食物與你的蹲姿

July 11, 2020


The first article discusses how junk food messes with our brain chemistry, making us stupid and not feeling full. Thus triggering a desire for more junk food.

The second article found that if you need to sit all day, kneeling or squatting is much healthier for people, than sitting on a chair.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Undermine v.: make something weaker or less effective

  1. Did the mistake undermine her confidence?
  2. Would you fire someone who undermines your authority?

Amiss adj + adv.: not as it should be

  1. Is there something amiss with your sleep patterns?
  2. Is there something amiss with the climate?

Sedentary adj.: a lot of time sitting

  1. Are you sedentary on the weekends?
  2. Is a standing desk a great alternative to a sedentary lifestyle at work?


每日英語跟讀 Ep.893: 眾泰汽車踢到鐵板

每日英語跟讀 Ep.893: 眾泰汽車踢到鐵板

July 10, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.893: Wheels falling off China’s ‘deep fake’ car manufacturer

Chinese automobile manufacturer Zotye Auto is a household name in China. The company is famous for manufacturing copies of car models by luxury international brands including Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. After a long delay, on June 22, Zotye Auto finally released its 2019 year end financial results. The report revealed that last year, the automaker suffered losses of 11.2 billion yuan (approximately NT$46.6 billion), or an average of 30 million yuan per day. The company’s market value also shrank from 30 billion yuan to a mere 3.6 billion yuan. Even worse, because the company is unable to guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of its financial report, Zotye Auto has been issued with a “risk of delisting warning” by Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Seemingly without a care for the outside world, Zotye Auto has been audaciously building slavish copies of imported luxury car models. The company became a household name in China after producing facsimile versions of the Audi Q3 (Zotye SR7), Porsche Macan (Zotye SR9) and Lamborghini Urus (Zotye Concept S). Due to Zotye Auto’s uncanny ability to produce lookalike cars, there is a joke currently doing the rounds in China: “If you want to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, pay a visit to Zotye Auto.”

眾泰汽車因為不顧外界觀瞻,大膽模仿進口名車,而在中國家喻戶曉,該公司推出的眾泰SR7模仿奧迪Q3,眾泰SR9模仿保時捷Macan ,眾泰Concept S模仿蘭寶堅尼Urus。由於模仿能力出眾,中國坊間甚至流傳著一句調侃話:「這輩子能不能開蘭寶堅尼,就看眾泰了!」

However, having relied on imitating the work of others, the company lacks home-grown innovation, while the quality of its vehicles has not kept pace with the sophistication of its copycat designs. Annual sales have been steadily falling too: in 2016, the company sold 330,000 vehicles. This fell to 310,000 in 2017 and only 230,000 in 2018. Zotye Auto initially set a sales target of 480,000 vehicles per year, yet in 2018 it failed to reach even half that figure. Last year, sales declined at an even steeper rate with the company only managing to shift 116,600 vehicles.


To make matters even worse, Zotye Auto chief executive Lou Guohai has stated that he cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of his company’s year end financial report, citing various reasons including uncertainty over the company’s ability to continue operating, multiple lawsuits and outstanding obligations.


Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2020/07/01/2003739125



每日英語跟讀 Ep.892: 洋蔥與部分食材一起吃恐釀結石?

每日英語跟讀 Ep.892: 洋蔥與部分食材一起吃恐釀結石?

July 9, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.892: FactCheck Center: Onions eaten with certain foods causing kidney stones rumors are false

Onions, with their sweet aroma, are a popular cooking ingredient, used in both Western and Eastern cuisines. Today, however, information is appearing online suggesting that onions should not be eaten with fish, shrimp, seaweed or honey, as these combinations cause kidney stones. But is there any truth to this? The Taiwan FactCheck Center asked dieticians and experts and confirmed that this information was false. Onion loving foodies everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.


According to information on certain social media platforms, onions should not be eaten together with fish, as the fish has a high protein content, and the oxalic acid in the onion will break down and destroy the protein in the fish and make it form a precipitate that is not easily absorbed by the human body. The rumor that onions should not be eaten with shrimp suggests that the calcium oxalate formed by the shrimp produces kidney stones, while the problem with eating onions with seaweed apparently comes from the large amounts of iodine and calcium found in the seaweed, which can easily form stones due to the oxalic acid in the onions. Finally, there are rumors saying that eating onions with honey can be bad for the eyes, and can lead to impaired vision or blindness.


After consulting dieticians and experts, the FactCheck center was able to disprove these rumors. According to Lee Pei-ni, director of the Department of Nutrition at Taipei Hospital, if one consumes large amounts of food containing oxalic acid, the body’s ability to absorb protein can be impaired. Onions, however, are not rich in oxalic acid, and people do not normally consume large amounts of onions in their meals (say, eight onions every meal continuously for a whole month), and therefore the situation indicated in the rumors is unlikely to happen.


So, what about the rumor saying that eating onions together with shrimps or seaweed will lead to the formation of calcium oxalate, and thus to the formation of kidney stones? According to Lee, there are many factors contributing to the formation of stones, and a person in a normal state of health will not develop kidney stones from eating specific types of food. The old wives’ tale that one should not eat spinach with tofu, for example, carries little water.


Lee adds that, even though stones have a lot of calcium in them, that doesn’t mean that eating foods containing calcium and oxalic acid will be a major contributing factor to the formation of stones, which is more likely the result of the individual’s constitution or hereditary factors. It is sufficient for normally healthy people to maintain a balanced diet and to make sure they are getting enough food.


On the rumor that onions should not be eaten together with honey, or it could be bad for the eyes and even possibly lead to a loss of eyesight, Lee clarified that onions and honey are both natural foods and that, if eaten as part of a balanced diet, there will be no risk of impaired vision. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that raw onions can be relatively spicy and cause abdominal bloating, and so she recommends that people with relatively sensitive stomachs should eat them sparingly, so that it doesn’t place an overly large burden on the body.


Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2020/06/29/2003739005



每日英語跟讀 Ep.891: 科學家發現巨大馬雅建築

每日英語跟讀 Ep.891: 科學家發現巨大馬雅建築

July 8, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.891: Oldest and largest ancient Maya structure found in Mexico

Scientists using an aerial remote-sensing method have discovered the largest and oldest-known structure built by the ancient Maya civilization — a colossal rectangular elevated platform built between 1,000 and 800 BC in Mexico’s Tabasco state.


The structure, unlike the soaring Maya pyramids at cities like Tikal in Guatemala and Palenque in Mexico erected some 1,500 years later, was not built of stone but rather of clay and earth, and likely was used for mass rituals, researchers said on June 3.


Located at a site called Aguada Fenix near the Guatemalan border, the structure measured nearly 400m wide and 1,400m long and stood 10m to 15m high. In total volume, it exceeded ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza built 1,500 years earlier.


There were no signs of sculptures depicting high-status individuals, suggesting Maya culture at this early stage was more communal and only later developed social inequality and a hierarchical society led by royalty, the researchers said. “Because it is so large horizontally, if you walk on it, it just looks like natural landscape,” said University of Arizona archaeologist Takeshi Inomata, who led the research published in the journal Nature. “But its form comes out nicely in lidar.”


Lidar, short for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote-sensing technique that employs a pulsed laser and other data obtained flying over a site to generate three-dimensional information about the shape of surface characteristics. Nine large causeways and a series of reservoirs were linked to the structure. Some parts of the rural Aguada Fenix site today are covered with cattle ranches. Other parts are wooded.


“It is probable that many people from surrounding areas gathered for special occasions, possibly tied to calendrical cycles,” Inomata said. “The rituals probably involved processions along the causeways and within the rectangular plaza. The people also deposited symbolic objects such as jade axes in the center of the plateau.”


Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2020/06/21/2003738560



每日英語跟讀 Ep.890: 顧客湧向外送平台 餐廳添憂

每日英語跟讀 Ep.890: 顧客湧向外送平台 餐廳添憂

July 7, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.890: As Diners Flock to Delivery Apps, Restaurants Fear for Their Future

Before the coronavirus lockdowns, Matt Majesky did not take much notice of the fees that Grubhub and Uber Eats charged him every time they processed an order for his restaurant, Pierogi Mountain.


But once the lockdowns began, the apps became essentially the only source of business for the barroom restaurant he ran with a partner, Charlie Greene, in Columbus, Ohio. That was when the fees to the delivery companies turned into the restaurant’s single largest cost — more than what it paid for food or labor.


Pierogi Mountain’s primary delivery company, Grubhub, took more than 40% from the average order, Majesky’s Grubhub statements show. That flipped his restaurant from almost breaking even to plunging deeply into the red. In late April, Pierogi Mountain shut down.


“You have no choice but to sign up, but there is no negotiating,” Majesky, who has applied for unemployment, said of the delivery apps. “It almost turns into a hostage situation.”


Even as apps like Grubhub have cast themselves as economic saviors for restaurants in the pandemic, their fees have become an increasing source of difficulty for the establishments. From Chicago; Pittsburgh; and Tampa, Florida, to Boise, Idaho; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Richardson, Texas, restaurant owners have taken to social media to express their unhappiness. Some restaurants have shut down, while others have cut off the apps and are looking for other ways to take orders.


Complaints about the fees that the apps charge to both restaurants and consumers are long-standing, but the issue has become heightened as many restaurants have shut down in-room dining. Even as they begin reopening, delivery is likely to remain a bigger part of their business than before the pandemic.


The gap between the success of the apps and the pain of the restaurants is striking. Spending at restaurants in recent weeks dropped about 35% from a year earlier, while revenue for the delivery services rose about 140%, according to data from M Science, a firm that analyzes transaction data.

應用程式的成功與餐廳的痛苦,二者的對比相當驚人。根據交易數據分析業者M Science的數據,近幾周在餐廳消費的金額約比一年前下滑35%,外送服務的營收卻成長約140%。

At the heart of the issues is some basic math. For the typical restaurant, fixed costs such as labor, food and rent eat up around 90% of the money coming in. That leaves little room for the base fees that the large delivery services charge small restaurants, which generally are 20% to 30% of what customers pay for each order.


Restaurant owners are concerned about more than the apps’ fees. In 18 interviews with restaurant owners and industry consultants, plus in lawsuits and social media posts, many said Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats also engaged in deceptive practices like setting up websites with inaccurate information for the restaurants, all without asking permission.

餐廳老闆們擔心的不只有這些應用程式的費用。在對餐廳老闆與產業顧問的18次專訪中,加上訴訟和社交媒體中的貼文,許多人表示,Grubhub、DoorDash和Uber Eats還從事欺騙性的行為,像是為餐廳建立資訊不準確的網站,而這些行為均未經餐廳許可。

Source article: https://paper.udn.com/udnpaper/POH0067/354557/web/



每日英語跟讀 Ep.889: About USA - 嬌生將停止販售皮膚美白乳液與1944年暴動

每日英語跟讀 Ep.889: About USA - 嬌生將停止販售皮膚美白乳液與1944年暴動

July 6, 2020

每日英語跟讀 Ep.889: About USA - Johnson & Johnson Will Stop Selling Skin-Whitening Lotions

The consumer-products giant Johnson & Johnson said on Friday that it would no longer sell certain products that are advertised as dark-spot reducers but have been used by some purchasers to lighten skin tone.


"Conversations over the past few weeks highlighted that some product names or claims on our Neutrogena and Clean & Clear dark-spot reducer products represent fairness or white as better than your own unique skin tone," the company said in a statement. "This was never our intention — healthy skin is beautiful skin."


Last week, Band-Aid, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, announced it would start selling bandages meant to match different skin tones.


"We are committed to launching a range of bandages in light, medium and deep shades of Brown and Black skin tones that embrace the beauty of diverse skin. We are dedicated to inclusivity and providing the best healing solutions, better representing you," Band-Aid said in an Instagram post.


Next Article

Eight black transit workers got promoted. Thousands of white workers walked off the job 8名運輸業黑人勞工升職,數千名白人勞工罷工

World War II labor shortages had stretched the Philadelphia Transportation Co. to the limit by July 1944, and so the company decided it had no choice if the city’s buses, trolleys and subway were to keep running:It promoted eight black men to positions previously reserved for whites.


The racial fallout brought the city to a tense halt. A worker insurrection slowed production of critical supplies for troops overseas and prompted an Army employee to attack one of the nation’s most prominent symbols of freedom:the Liberty Bell.


The events made for a "new and different Philadelphia Story," two National Urban League officials wrote at the time — a story with particular resonance more than 75 years later as thousands protest systemic racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody.


Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1383741 ; https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1383204



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